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Quick benefits among many use cases
Marketfire is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian...

Do you want to win the buy box and sell more, increase profitability, understand the trends, measure your performance?

Do you want to know the VAT to declare and be compliant with local tax authorities? help your accountant?

Do you want to know how much marketplaces owe you every day?

Do you want to finance your business at low cost? Do you want to improve your credit score?

What does Marketfire provide?

Increase revenue & margin

Get the buy box, measure profitability, understand the trends and make the right decisions

Understand marketplace fees

Visualize the breakdown of marketplace fees

Certify data for your partners

Share the certified financials with bankers, partners, investors

Identify top products

Rank your products per marketplace & per status (shipped, cancelled...)

Declare the VAT, help accountants

Orders & payments based VAT calculation, per country or state

to funds

Get loans at 5% and
finance your orders
at T+1 (0.85% to 1.35%/mo)

Identify unsettled orders

Follow unsettled orders daily to manage your working capital

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What people say about us

Marketfire helps me to see a real overall view on my marketplace business. Data is certified and you can use it with your business partners, bankers, investors and tax services.
It is just mandatory to see the trend of your business.

Stortle CEO
Seller on Amazon, Cdiscount, FNAC/ Darty, Rakuten...

“Marketfire is a really nice and complete tool for merchants on marketplaces. I highly recommend it!”

Maxime REHAB
Appimac CEO