Success Story

Like Zoomici, leader in the distribution on marketplaces, seize new opportunities

In November 2020, Zoomici subscribed to Marketfire.

Thanks to the business analytics platform, Zoomici has daily access to GMV reports, turnover, margins, products, VAT and financial reports allowing the teams to analyze the unsettled orders by marketplace, payment deadline and commissions.

In April 2021, GI’s investment fund, decided to invest in Zoomici thanks to Marketfire’s certified data.

Right now, GI’s team is working with Zoomici to go further in data exploitation.

We are extending the data integration to the first 35 marketplaces used by Zoomici. These will soon be available to all the merchants using marketfire.

We build several analyses allowing us to audit the data quality, analyze products by brand and category/sub-category, analyze the global profits and the profits by order for the company. We also apply some improvements with machine learning to build and use a cancellation rate reduction model.

Like Zoomici, be stronger on marketplaces.

Start using Marketfire today!

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